What is Fictionistas?

Are you a fiction writer on Substack? Do you have questions about how to best use this platform to grow your readership?

Yeah, us too. Join us! Let’s figure it out together.

We are a group of fiction writers on Substack who came together on a Discord server. Some of us are veteran writers who’ve been on Substack since nearly the beginning. Some of us are new writers with ambitious ideas for maximizing Substack’s tools. All of us chose this platform to write and share our stories.

Unfortunately, there are no tried-and-true strategies for publishing fiction on Substack. No set path to walk on for guaranteed success. It’s still the “wild west” for us. Welcome to the saloon.

Fictionistas is a space for fiction writers to get to know each other. A place we can announce virtual meetups and discuss tips and tricks that worked for us. As we grow, we welcome ideas from all fiction writers on Substack on how we can best serve each other as a community.

Jackie Dana, Story Cauldron
Geoffrey Golden, Adventure Snack

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