Here's mine!


Glad to be back in the mix, looking forward to reading what everyone else wrote!

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I present, Where All Paths Lead.


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Here is mine. (Where am I)


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Here's mine... Answered From Above. https://penniersn.substack.com/p/answered-from-above?sd=pf

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Ta-da! Here’s ‘Pride Goeth Before the Fall’ -- a bit of flash to change up my usual serial stuff. Thanks for organizing this! https://scifirl.substack.com/p/pride-goeth-before-the-fall?sd=pf

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This was so much fun! Thank you for hosting this!

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Excited to be participating for the first time!

Here's my story: Jade and the Surface Dwellers - A teen girl in training for Earth’s surface reconstruction crew makes a daring choice.


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Hey all! I wrote interactive fiction based on the prompt...

Should You Jump Off This Cliff?


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Hi all,

Here is my prompt creation, something edgy about a guy named Cliff and something about water, yada yada, I dunno, I can't remember exactly but here it is. This screamed science fiction when I first saw the prompt but I don't really write science fiction so please pardon the satirical bent. And, as my grandfather always used to say, "When the birds figure out the doorbell, we're done for."

I present to you: Dronebirds.


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Really excited to share mine this month!

"The Feather of Simurg"


Looking forward to the other submissions and reading your thoughts on my own!

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Hello! Here's mine!


Thanks for hosting this! It was a lot of fun to write.

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Crystal Heist

Save the Children or Save Humanity?


Fictionistas Prompt: Your enemies have backed you against the edge of a cliff. Far below you is a treacherous torrent of water. What happens next?

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Here's "Taking The Plunge" (1,000 words)



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Here's mine just under the wire - Rogue Relations


Thanks for hosting!

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